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Steelers vs Bills Recap

Steelers vs Bills Recap

The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Buffalo Bills at Heinz Field this past Sunday, December 15th. The game was expected to be a difficult one for both of the rivals.

The Steelers had Devlin Hodges at starting quarterback, once again. The offense had one of their strongest players, James Conner, back on the field, as well. While Hodges has been making great plays with other players, such as James Washington, it felt like a sign of relief to have Conner back from his injury. The Steelers seemed hopeful that they would be able to clinch a victory and the #5 seed in the playoffs. However, the Steelers and Bills kept one another on each other’s toes during the first quarter. Neither team was able to put points on the scoreboard.

The Bills scored the first touchdown of the game in the second quarter. The Steelers were able to move the ball back down the field, however, allowing Chris Boswell to make a field goal. Steven Nelson quickly intercepted the ball from the Bills’ quarterback, but the half ended with the Bills 7-3. Conner came back into the third quarter ready to make a big play. He did just that when he scored the Steelers’ first touchdown. Headed into the final quarter, the Steelers were winning 10-7.

The Bills came back into the game with a vengeance. They scored a field goal and a touchdown before Washington was able to intercept their ball. The Bills retaliated by also intercepting one of Hodges passes, however. Unfortunately, the final score of the game was 17-10 in favor of the Bills. This was a disappointing loss for the Steelers, but hopefully, they will be able to bounce back for their next game against the New York Jets.

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