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Steelers vs Dolphins Recap

Steelers vs Dolphins Recap

The Pittsburgh Steelers were matched up against the Miami Dolphins last night. The Steelers were favored to win, but it took the team the greater part of the game to get that victory.

The Dolphins were the first team to put points on the scoreboard when they got a touchdown only a few minutes after the game began. James Conner was able to rush down the field, but the Dolphins got the ball back and scored another touchdown. The score was 0-14 at the end of the first quarter. Both Bud Dupree and JuJu Smith-Schuster were able to make big plays at the beginning of the second quarter, which eventually helped Chris Boswell make a field goal. Minkah Fitzpatrick got an interception and the Steelers took control of the ball. Mason Rudolph passed the ball to Diontae Johnson and the Steelers got their first touchdown. The Steelers still trailed behind the Dolphins 10-14 at halftime.

The combination of Fitzpatrick, Rudolph, and Smith-Schuster led to another touchdown in the third quarter. The Steelers were finally ahead of the Dolphins 17-14 going into the fourth quarter. Conner got a touchdown, T.J. Watt made a fumble recovery and a sack, and Boswell made another field goal. Cam Heyward, Mike Hilton, and Steve Nelson all made big plays in the final quarter, as well. The game ended in a 27-14 win for the Steelers.


The Steelers' next game is on Sunday, November 3rd at 1:00 P.M. against the Indianapolis Colts.

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