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Complete Your Collection, and its History

The majority of you reading this message are collectors.  Could be a hobby or a downright obsession.  Your collection could be a snapshot of a single era, like the 70's Steelers, a complete history of the team, or somewhere in between.  

Either way, throughout those times there were three types of players:

  • the star players, these players took the team on their shoulders and willed them to victory
  • the core players, these players are the typical players, the day-to-day players that no successful team would be complete without 
  • fill the gap players, these are the players that didn't get much playing time or play(ed) the less "sexy" positions but still a member of the team - a distinction that not many people in the world can claim! 

In regards to sports memorabilia collection, one could argue that no player is any more important to a complete collection than another.  The value certainly changes, but each player has his own place in team history.

That's what your collection is - it's history.

We often get asked, "why are you selling/offering XYZ player?  He never did anything!, or he hardly played! or he doesn't even play for the team any more!"  That may be true, but they DID play.  They WERE a member of the team.  And, they ARE a part of the teams history.

So, when you participate in one of our Mystery Box promotions or buy a Box Break and don't get "the star player", remember, whoever it is that you did receive was a part of YOUR team's history, and they too deserve a place in your collection.

Keep on Collecting!