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JT Thomas Signed Pittsburgh Steelers White Logo Football with 4X SB Champs

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JT Thomas Autographed Pittsburgh Steelers White Logo Football with "4X SB Champs"

Dive into the illustrious career of JT Thomas by owning this exquisitely autographed Pittsburgh Steelers white logo football, beautifully inscribed with "4X SB Champs."

🏈 About JT Thomas: A stalwart in the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense, JT Thomas's contributions to the team are nothing short of legendary. Throughout his tenure with the Steelers, Thomas's exceptional skills were pivotal in aiding the team's dynastic success during the 1970s. His commitment and prowess on the field played a key role in the Steelers securing four Super Bowl championships during that era, hence the proud "4X SB Champs" inscription.

⭐ Football Features:

  • Signature: Adorning this football is JT Thomas's genuine signature, coupled with the "4X SB Champs" inscription, encapsulating the essence of the Steelers' unparalleled success.
  • Design: Immaculately crafted, the football's design harmonizes with its esteemed signature, making it an invaluable piece for any sports aficionado.

πŸ›‘ Certification and Guarantee: This coveted item is accompanied by a tamper-proof hologram and a Certificate of Authenticity, solidifying its authenticity. We are committed to providing genuine sports memorabilia and, as a testament to this, offer a 100% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee. Trust in Total Sports Enterprises for unmatched sports collectibles.