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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

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Regarding the news of the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we at Total Sports Enterprises are taking every precaution to keep our employees, athletes and customers safe.

To this end, all our offices and warehouses are dedicating time on a daily basis for cleaning and disinfecting and have procedures in place for received items:

  • Our showrooms and pickup areas are being diligently cleaned twice a day with cleaning products recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  
  • A study out this week finds that the virus can survive on hard surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours and on cardboard for up to 24 hours.  Transit times from our distributors are anywhere from 2-5 days. In an abundance of caution Items received by our warehouse/office will sit on the loading dock for an additional 2 days ensuring handling of these items after last contact will be longer than the lifespan of the virus. 

All future signings are still planned to take place. In the chance that an event has to be cancelled to the public due to regulations put in place by the athlete’s respective commissioner or agent, we will promptly contact all purchasers offering a number of solutions.  Full refunds will be honored, but mail-in or pre-sale options could be a solution as well. 

We are also working on “virtual signings” allowing you to participate in some of our upcoming signings without having to actually be there.  You will be able to ask questions and watch your item get signed. This will be the next best thing to actually being there.

In reference to customers sending in items, we ask that those items be sent as far in advance of the signing as possible. We will be holding packages for a minimum of 24 hours prior to opening them so the more time you can afford us for this process the better. We will also continue to monitor all CDC and Homeland Security recommendations. 

We value the health and safety of everyone involved with TSE and will continue to push to bring you the best athlete experience and memorabilia possible.


The Total Sports Enterprises Team

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