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Mystery Boxes FAQs

As the popularity of our Mystery Boxes grows, so does the chance of potential issues.  This page has been designed to answer a lot of the questions / concerns / complaints we receive to ensure everyone understands the Mystery Box product and how it specifically works.

First thing, first - we are collectors just like you.  Every collection has the higher level athletes and the lower level athletes.  The Mystery Box product reflects this.   

The Mystery Box is an extremely cost effective way of building your collection.  Obviously not every box sent out is going to be a “home run”.  The low cost of the Mystery Box prohibits this.  That is why we also have our Premium Mystery Box product line.  The signed items in these boxes are all “home runs” and the selling price reflects this.  Everyone wants the “home run” and we understand that but that is simply not possible with the regular Mystery Box product line.

It is important to note that even if the box you receive has a “lower level” athlete, the price you paid for that Mystery Box will not be higher than the actual selling price of that specific product.  In other words you will not receive an item that has a lesser value than what you paid.  That being said, periodically we run “flash sales” or crazy short term promotions that temporarily reduce the selling price to levels lower than Mystery Box selling prices but that does not reduce the value of the item you receive.  We simply run those crazy sales to move inventory to make room for new items coming in.

Here are our 2 most common complaints with an explanation:

"The Mystery Box is nothing but a way to dump products you can't sell"
The simple reply is that this is not true.  That would suggest we are trying to “pull a fast one” and that is simply not the way we do business.  Our industry is full of competitors.  We’ve risen to the top by providing excellent products at an excellent price with no BS.

Mystery Boxes are priced in line with the lower priced products in the same product line.  In other words the Mystery Mini Helmet Box is priced in-line with the lower priced signed mini helmets.  Obviously the mini helmets sent out will be more heavily weighted towards the lower priced items but there is a large amount of “middle of the road” mini helmets and an ample amount of “high end” mini helmets sent as well.

So, we want to say again that any item received will, at worse, be at least equal to the value of the item received.  So there is no downside, only the potential of a huge upside!  It is a mystery after all!

"I've ordered 2 times and got the same thing!"
Before a Mystery Box is announced the products are pulled and boxed.  We do this so that the item(s) being sent are truly a mystery, even to us.  We have no idea which product a customer is receiving.  This ensures that every box sent is truly a “mystery”.

This inherently provides the risk of the same item being sent, even if 2 boxes were purchased at the same time.  It is possible a customer will receive the same item.

While we do have a no return policy for Mystery Boxes, we do not want to stick anyone with multiples of the same item. That just wouldn’t be fair.  In this unlikely event we ask you contact customer service.  Let us make it right before leaving a negative review or post.  We will ask for pictures of the 2 same items side by side and will provide you with your options at that time.