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Hines Ward Signed Custom White College Jersey

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Hines Ward Autographed Custom White College Jersey

Dive into the collegiate roots of a football icon with the Hines Ward autographed custom white college jersey. Signed by Ward himself, this jersey captures the early days of an athlete who would later dominate the professional fields.

🏈 Hines Ward - The College Phenomenon:
Before his rise to NFL stardom, Hines Ward showcased his versatility and drive at the University of Georgia. A dynamic player, Ward played multiple positions, including wide receiver, tailback, and quarterback, exhibiting his multifaceted talent and laying the foundation for his future NFL success.

🎨 Jersey Specifics:

  • Unique and Distinct: This custom white college jersey, sized XL, is free from brand affiliations, encapsulating the pure spirit of Hines Ward's collegiate career.
  • Collector's Pride: Crafted for aficionados and fans alike, this jersey isn't tied to any professional brand or league. Instead, it prominently features Hines Ward's name and number, commemorating his unforgettable time at Georgia.

πŸ›‘οΈ Trust in Authenticity:
Ensure the genuineness of your collectible. With the Beckett tamper-Proof Hologram and Certificate of Authenticity, you hold a true piece of college football heritage. And with Total Sports Enterprises' 100% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee, your purchase is secured. Turn to Total Sports Enterprises for unparalleled signed sports memorabilia.