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Levi Wallace Signed Wilson Replica Football with "Steeler Nation" (Damaged)

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This item has damage and won't inflate.  The needle hole is pushed into the football.   

Levi Wallace Signed Wilson Replica Football with "Steeler Nation"

Delve into a tangible piece of Steeler Nation's pride with this expertly crafted Wilson Replica Football, adorned with the autograph of the talented Levi Wallace.

🏈 About Levi Wallace: Emerging from a backdrop of sheer determination and hard work, Levi Wallace has etched his mark in football. As a cornerback, his agility and tenacity have consistently come to the forefront, challenging some of the best receivers in the league. His commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the spirit of the "Steeler Nation".

Football Features:

  • Signature & Inscription: Bearing not only the signature of Levi Wallace but also the proud inscription "Steeler Nation", this football is a tribute to true Steelers fandom.

  • Design: The Wilson Replica Football's impeccable craftsmanship ensures that the autograph and inscription stand out, making it a must-have for collectors and fans alike.

🛡 Certification and Guarantee: Accompanied by digital authentication, this item's authenticity is unquestionable. Additionally, Total Sports Enterprises backs up this claim with a 100% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee.

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