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Steelers vs Ravens Recap

The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Baltimore Ravens yesterday for their possible last game of the season. Unfortunately, the game did not go as the Steelers had hoped.

The Steelers planned on relying on their defense this game, as they have done for the majority of the season. T.J. Watt and Mike Hilton, two proven defensive players, made the first move of the game by sacking the Ravens’ quarterback. The Ravens were the first team to put points on the scoreboard, however, when they scored two field goals. At the end of the first quarter, the Ravens were up 6-0. When the second quarter began and the Steelers scored the first touchdown of the game. The Ravens’ quarterback went down again when Bud Dupree and Cam Heyward got the sack. The Ravens retaliated by scoring a field goal, getting a fumble recovery, and scoring a touchdown. The Ravens were up once again at halftime with the score being 16-7. 

The Steelers started off the second half of the game by Watt and Joe Haden getting a fumble recovery. Chris Boswell scored another field goal, boosting the Steelers’ score to 10-16. Heyward got his second sack of the game during the third quarter. The Ravens scored another field goal at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Steelers were unable to score any more points in the remainder of the game. The final score was 28-10 in favor of the Ravens.

Since the Steelers lost to the Ravens and the Tennessee Titans defeated the Huston Texans, the Steelers are officially done for the season. While the season wasn’t perfect, the fact that it ended in December instead of September is a testament to their perseverance. The team had a rough start, was riddled with injuries, and relied on players that wouldn’t usually have to step up. Despite all of this, the Steelers proved their grit. Now, the team looks to recovering, getting healthy, and improving on their mistakes.

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