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Steelers vs Ravens Preview

Steelers vs Ravens Preview

The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 29th at 4:25 P.M. This is the last regular-season game for the Steelers, making this a critical game for the team.  

The Ravens are on an 11-game win streak this season. If they claim a victory over the Steelers tomorrow, the Ravens will have the longest winning streak in team history. The Steelers, currently sitting at 8-7 on the season, are still in the playoff picture. In order to make it to the playoffs, the team will need to defeat the Ravens and the Tennessee Titans will have to lose to the Huston Texans. If the Steelers lose tomorrow, they will need an unlikely combination of other outcomes to fall into place in order to make the playoffs.

The Steelers will be relying on their defense tomorrow, as they have done all season. The lineup is one of the best in the league, but they will still have a tough time against the Ravens’ offense. The two rivals are going to be playing a physical game, making it very difficult for the Steelers’ offense. Devlin “Duck” Hodges is back at starting quarterback after having a rough time in New York and Buffalo. He was benched after throwing multiple interceptions. This could be Hodges’ last chance to leave a lasting impression.

Among Hodges are other Steelers’ players that will need to step up this week. JuJu Smith-Schuster did not have the best performance the last time he played against the Ravens. This is his chance for redemption. Vance McDonald is also expected to put up a big game, as well as Jaylen Samuels. If all goes well, the Steelers could see a chance at the playoffs this season.

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