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Troy Polamalu Private Signing

Troy Polamalu Private Signing

Former Pittsburgh Steeler, Troy Polamalu, is partnering with Total Sports Enterprises to help raise funding for The Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation. The funds raised from this private signing will go towards the launch of an important documentary about American Samoa. 100% of the net proceeds will benefit the project.

The film “Songs of a Lost Island” will discuss American Samoa culture, people, tradition, and their modern-day challenges. Football helped Polamalu find his way back to his homeland, and he brought his family and friends, other players, and coaches with him. Polamalu wants the world to know Samoa for more than just football, however. Resources and history are rich there, despite its small population. This film will explore the culture and traditions of the American Samoan people.

Pre-sale items will be available for purchase until September 23rd. Please be advised that there are limited quantities available and there will not be any mail-ins or inscriptions for this signing.

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