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Hines Ward Signed Gotham Rogues Custom Jersey

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Hines Ward Autographed Gotham Rogues Custom Jersey

Embrace a unique piece of cinematic football lore with the Hines Ward autographed Gotham Rogues custom jersey. Signed by Ward, this jersey is a nod to his appearance in the movie world, blending fiction with the legacy of a real-life football great.

🏈 Hines Ward - The Silver Screen Touchdown:
Beyond his impressive NFL career, Hines Ward made a memorable on-screen appearance as a player for the Gotham Rogues in the blockbuster film "The Dark Knight Rises." This jersey is a celebration of that cinematic moment, intertwining Ward's actual football journey with the world of Gotham.

🎨 Jersey Specifics:

  • Unique and Distinct: This custom Gotham Rogues jersey, sized XL, is free from brand affiliations, focusing solely on Ward's fictional team representation.
  • Collector's Pride: Designed for both movie buffs and sports enthusiasts, this jersey doesn't connect to any professional brand or league but prominently showcases Hines Ward's name and number from the movie.

πŸ›‘οΈ Trust in Authenticity:
Guaranteeing its authenticity, this jersey comes with a Beckett tamper-Proof Hologram and Certificate of Authenticity. With Total Sports Enterprises' 100% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee, you can invest confidently in this blend of sports and cinematic history. Trust Total Sports Enterprises for the finest in signed sports memorabilia.